Taking Local Shopping To The Next Level


buzfiz is an online shopping network operating in Kerala. We help Vendors sell their products online to the right kind of people. And we help people to find best quality products at reasonable price. A Win-Win deal indeed.


What’s Our Game?


You want to buy products. Vendors want to sell products. We make things easier by connecting you two with our virtual showroom.

Shopping Couldn’t Get Any Easier, Nor Exciting


Changing demands? Changing trends? buzfiz constantly evolves to give you what you want, when you want it.
Gold? Electronics? Clothes? Gifts? Furniture? Home Appliances? – You name it. We got it all.

Our Mantra is – Click & Sell/Buy.

When shop owners list their products on to our showroom, the live updating system does the same to the user’s shopping portal. The process happens in the click of just some buttons.

You get to purchase products using online payments and even Cash-On-Delivery (COD).

Grab Hold

How Vendors Benefit From buzfiz?

Buyers can grab hold to any product even if it’s not available in the local stores by paying 10 % advance payment for a it. This benefits vendors since they can sell products which are actually not available in their shop to sell at the time. However, in such cases, the vendors should check the availability of the product and ensure that the original image and description of the product is uploaded in the application. Also, the product should be available in the store within the grab hold period given to customer.

How You Can Benefit From buzfiz?

The Grab hold feature lets you buy any product available globally from their local store by paying 10% advance initially and rest of the payment later on when the product arrives in the store only if the customer is satisfied by the actual product. Now buyers can make sure they get exactly what they want the instant it becomes available.